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Geotag Responsibly Adventure Responsibly Outdoor Awareness Vinyl Sticker

Geotag Responsibly Adventure Responsibly Outdoor Awareness Vinyl Sticker

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Geotagging is a popular social media feature to pin-point exact locations. While we aren't anti-geotagging, per se, we encourage it to be used responsibly. As Nature First states:

"Sharing location information can have significant consequences for that location. As soon as a place is determined to be photogenic, it becomes a magnet for photographers and the general public. Many natural places simply cannot survive a significant increase in visitation. Keeping natural areas off the radar is the best way to protect them. If you decide to share information, only share the locations of well-known places or areas which are unlikely to be damaged by increased visitation. Respect other photographers who have made a choice not to share location information. Finally, consider not posting photos of sensitive areas online, even if you do not mention the specific location. Simply posting a photograph may create a desire for photographers to visit that area and people can often figure out where the photo was taken even if you do not disclose it.

Some areas can also be seasonally sensitive such as wildflower fields and fall color forests. Consider a ‘thoughtful pause’ of a week or more before posting your images to reduce the impact of real time trending and potentially harmful footprints of people who may want to immediately follow you to these locations."


Other ways to  Geotag responsibly and share the outdoors:

-Tag specific locations or a State

-Always include outdoor ethics and leave no trace principles in your captions

So, Geotag Responsibly, Adventure Responsibly!

Measures 3.5x3.5" waterproof, scratch resistant.