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Our Why

We exist to promote outdoor awareness and encourage engagement in outdoor stewardship. Outdoor popularity has outpaced outdoor awareness in our digital age - we aim to change that. 
We believe in encouraging people to enjoy the Great Outdoors responsibly and to Leave It Better. The way we do this is through design, messaging and social impact. We just happen to make hats, shirts and stickers. 

But what does it mean to Adventure Responsibly? We believe it consists of the following:

 -Side With The Outside: Undertake conservation efforts and work to protect public lands as an active advocate for our outdoor spaces. 

Practice the five "Bs":

Be Prepared - an old adage that is just as true today. Being prepared keeps you and others protected and helps with a better outdoor experience.

Be Present - Focus on where you are and enjoy the moments. Be in the middle of "now here." 

Be Respectful- To nature, wildlife and your fellow humans. We all share this home, treat it with kindness. Be respectful of all rules and regulations when enjoying public lands. 

Be Careful - With your travels, surroundings and general impact.

Be Of Service - Take time to take care. It is our responsibility to work on stewardship and conservation of our public lands

The idea behind all this is to encourage a more thoughtful approach to adventure and finding a stronger connection to the places we love and enjoy. Of course accidents can happen at any time, but adventuring responsibly can help to minimize those impacts.  

Each item sold helps to fund, organize and support Leave It Better events within different Public Land areas.