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Campfire Alternatives!

Did you know that 90% of wildfires are human caused? While that sounds like a made-up statistic, sadly that's not the case! As conditions, especially in the West continue to get drier, more severe drought and increased temperatures, we think it's a good idea to skip the traditional campfire this year. So, what are some other ideas to replace the void that is left without a campfire? Try one of these!


Propane fire pits are awesome! The burn cleaner than wood, don't give off smoke or potentially dangerous embers while providing great heat and similar ambiance to the traditional fire. Better yet, these are still allowed in most fire restrictions - win win win!

Use artificial lights such as your lantern (if you're a true influencer, you at least have one red lantern laying around). Pile the lights into the fire pit and you've got a great setting for staying up late chatting. Artificial flicker-style LED light strands do a great job as well!

Get creative using craft items to build a "fire." It keeps the kiddos busy and even an adult or two. Just be sure to clean it all up after you're done.

One of our faves! Look at all those stars - you know, the giant balls of gas millions of miles away/ On a clear night out in the wild it is pretty awe-inspiring to look at the stars and contemplate how small we are in the universe. 


Hopefully these are some easy ideas you can implement this summer, skip the traditional campfire and not burn down the forest.



Help spread the word on fire safety with this handy sticker!



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