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How To "BE" In The Outdoors

We're always learning, working and growing within the Adventure Responsibly messaging to convey what we are all about. While we of course have some tongue-in-cheek  sayings (dare we say, snarky?) our overall goal is to positively influence how we all enjoy the outdoors.  While the reason we exist is due to outdoor popularity outpacing awareness, we hope to bring awareness through the Five Bs: Be Prepared, Be Respectful, Be Present, Be Careful, Be Better.

Working with friends, talking with kids and through much contemplation, we came up with the How To Be In The Outdoors as a big part of how to side with the outside and above all, Adventure Responsibly!



Be prepared for whatever the outdoors may throw at you! Have the ten essentials, have a plan, know what and where you are going with detailed info. Being prepared shouldn't take long, but it has a huge impact! Being prepared is easier than ever with the internet and plenty of free resources like NPS.Gov to help plan your time in our National Parks. 

We all share this planet we call home and we must work to promote a positive experience for all our fellow humans while especially focusing on respecting the environment and wildlife. 

We have a saying here at Adventure Responsibly to be in the Middle Of Now Here. Focus on the moment and find a connection to the places you visit and recreate. Focus more on this connection vs. a quick snapshot for social media - those moments fade, your connection won't!

This won't ever ensure about an accident never happening, but we can always practice to be safe with ourselves and our surrounding environment. This helps to minimize our impact on ourselves, nature and others. 

Last but certainly not least, work to be better and leave it better! Pick up litter, volunteer in your communities and on the trail. Get involved with issues you believe in. Consider what you post on social media and how it will impact a location. 


With the 5 Bs, we feel this is a simple and positive way to consider your impact, protect yourself and promote a stewardship-minded community. We hope you'll put these into practice on your next adventure!






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